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Club Structure

Beaconsfield Town Football Club Ltd is a Community Interest Company.

Company Registration number is 03688420


Club Ownership

Chris Coyle | 99.8%


Key Club Personnel

Chairman | Chris Coyle

Chief Executive | Peter Bromage-Smith

Club President | Paul Hughes

Club Secretary | Peter Bromage-Smith

Fixture Secretary | Mark Brennan

Treasurer | Peter Bromage-Smith

Youth Section Secretary | Amy Austin

Youth Section Treasurer | Peter Bromage-Smith

Junior Section Secretary | Amy Austin

Junior Section Treasurer | Peter Bromage-Smith

Child Welfare Officer | Amy Austin

Marketing Manager | Joshua Bromage-Smith

Bar & Events Manager | Nicola Hoyle



Communication is through the Football Management Committee which consists of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Club Secretary, Club Welfare Officer and all the football sections of the Club.

To further help communication in the Club we encourage age groups reps at the younger ages where there are a lot of teams. This will also help sort the transitions through the various changes in format.

Officers of the Club have a lot of work to do in managing all the administration, registration, collecting fees, paying out for pitches, league affiliations, attending League meetings, sorting pitches and referees and so on; so, bringing issues to your section or age group leader will help ease that burden.

Parents need to address their issues through their Manager or better still they can volunteer to form a Parent’s group and help the Club.

For Key Club Personnel see website for more details.


The Finance Sub-Committee manage the Club’s finances. Finances are managed to keep the Club in a strong solvent, position and to reinvest for the benefit of its members. The Club will offer the cheapest fees it can and aims to deliver value for money over the longer term. The Club is run entirely for the benefit of the community.


The Club holds an Annual General Meeting which a representative of each team is expected to attend. For the rest of the season, we like to hold at least one meeting with each football section: Senior Men; Boys Youth; Boys Juniors & Mini Soccer. More regular meetings will be held with the younger age groups as they progress through the Club. These meetings are important to pass on information and to give feedback that will help improve Beaconsfield Town FC.


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