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Volunteers are always needed!

Everyone in this Football Club is working extremely hard for the Community and we always need help. We understand that you are unlikely to have time to become Club Secretary, Treasurer, or other key roles however, we are breaking down the management of the Club into various football sections to make it more manageable.

We are always looking for more people to help so if you or someone you know has a couple of hours available each week and want to give something back for your community, please contact us at

Currently we are looking for help with:

- Club communication both internal and external; the website and social media

- Marketing and Sponsorship

- Administration

- Other – any expertise you have which you think would be of help.

Please fill out the following form

Personal Details

Next Of Kin


Please indicate which days and times you are available to volunteer:

Please give brief details of any previous voluntary or work experience that you have undertaken:

Please give details of any other experience which you feel is relevant to this role or any voluntary opportunities that you are looking for:


Criminal convictions


All candidates – Please give details of two referees whom we may ask about your suitability for volunteering. One of these should be your current or most recent employer. Referees must not be related to you. If you are at school/college or have just left, please give the name and address of a head teacher/tutor and also the manager of your most recent work experience placement – if applicable. We reserve the right to approach your current and any previous employer.

Reference 1

Dates of employment


Reference 2

Dates of employment



I certify that the information provided is true and accurate and in particular that I have not omitted any facts which may have a bearing on my application. I understand that any subsequent voluntary agreement with Beaconsfield Town FC will be made on the basis of the information I have provided.
I understand that a false declaration which results in my appointment as a volunteer with the Beaconsfield Town FC will render me liable to termination of my volunteer placement. I give explicit consent that the information which I give on this form may be processed in accordance with the Beaconsfield Town FC Ltd’s registration under the Data Protection Act 1998.
I agree to Beaconsfield Town FC carrying out recruitment screening relevant to my volunteer application.

To find out about how we process your data, please read our privacy policy.


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