Beaconsfield Town FC - FA Charter Standard Club 

Beaconsfield Town was originally founded in 1993 as a single adult team, under the name of Holtspur FC. The Club then re-focused to provide local boys and girls with the opportunity to learn and improve their football skills in a safe and fun environment. Indeed, the Club now boasts teams for age groups ranging from under 6/7 to 18 years old.

In June 2006, Holtspur FC (as it was then) was formally awarded the status of an FA Charter Standard Club.  This acknowledges that we reach the highest level of FA standards, that all of our teams have at least one FA qualified coach and a registered first aider and that all of our volunteer helpers are CRC checked. We have maintained our Charter status continuously since then.

In 2013 Holtspur FC evolved into Beaconsfield Holtspur FC, which brought us more in line with the location of our home, and also to integrate us more into the Beaconsfield community. The Club logo was also modernised, introducing a lion into the design, which is the symbol of Beaconsfield.

In 2016, we further evolved our name to Beaconsfield Town FC and began developing close links with the local adult club, Beaconsfield Town FC. These links were cemented when Beaconsfield Town FC changed their name in 2017 to Beaconsfield Town as well, thereby providing a single ‘brand’ for all the community’s football. 


The youth Club remains a separate financial entity from the Adult Club. Its affairs are run according to our written Constitution and are managed by an annually elected Club Committee that currently consists of the following people: 

Club Committee

Chairman (and U13s Coach): Michael Reyner
Club Secretary: Brian Lewis
Treasurer and Purchasing Officer: Augustine Chandy
Child Welfare Officer: Sue Adams

For Age Group Managers, please refer to individual age group sections

League Champions

2016/17 - U12 - South Bucks Mini Soccer League, Red

2012/13 - U15 - Hazlemere Windows Junior League, Div.1
2012/13 - U16 - Hazlemere Windows Junior League, Div.4
2011/12 - U13 - Hazlemere Windows Junior League, Div.5
2010/11 - U12 - Booker Wholesale League, Div.1
2009/10 - U11 - Bucks Free Press League, Div.1
2009/10 - U13 - Bucks Free Press League, Div.5 
2007/08 - U12 - Bucks Free Press, Div.1
2007/08 - U10 - Slough Friendly League, Div.C
2005/06 - U9 - Slough Friendly League, Red


Cup Winners

2013/14 - U16 - League Cup
2012/13 - U11 - Geoff Springell Memorial Cup
2011/12 - U14 - League Cup
2011/12 - U13 - Hurricanes - League Cup
2011/12 - U9  - Slough Mini Soccer Conference Cup 
2010/11 - U11 - Geoff Springell Memorial Cup
2009/10 - U11 Hurricanes - League Cup
2009/10 - U11 Hurricanes - Geoff Springell Memorial Cup
2007/08 - U9 Hurricanes - Slough Mini Soccer Conference Cup
2006/07 - U13 - Dick Hopkins Cup
2005/06 - U12 - Mayors Cup


Fair Play Awards

2014/15 - U13 - Wycombe & South Bucks League 

2013/14 - U12 - Wycombe & South Bucks League 

2012/13 - U14 Utd - Wycombe & South Bucks League
2011/12 - U13 Utd - Wycombe & South Bucks League
2010/11 - U14 -  Wycombe & South Bucks League
2007/08 - U10 - Slough Mini Soccer Conference

2007/08 - U8 - Slough Mini Soccer Conference
2006/07 - U9 - Slough Mini Soccer Conference


Honorary Members

Keith Bowyer, Chairman 2008 - 2014

Graham Smith, Chairman, 2007
David Brosse, Chairman, 2003 - 2006
Keith Garstang, Chairman, 2000 - 2002
Beverley Smith, Club Secretary
Steve Maidment, Club Secretary
Michael Lawson, Club Secretary 

Kev Long, Club Secretary, 2011 - 2015